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Guthries Jewellers Since 1967

The Guthries Story                                                                                     Guthries has a passion for creating pieces of jewellery with exceptional beauty and value. With tradition spanning four decades, our master craftsmen have hand-made an extraordinary number of pieces to exacting standards. Guthries prides itself on exemplary product knowledge and personal service to create a piece you will love for   a lifetime. 

Quality Counts                                                                                                    We believe the most important aspects of crafting jewellery are they quality of design, stones, materials and craftsmanship.
Quality need not exceed your budget, Guthries' experience allows us to maintain our uncompromising quality while still remaining highly competitive at an international level. A quality design is well proportioned with each element in balance, it is the design you love and expresses the statement your wish to make, be it simple or bold.        Guthries can assist you and bring your dreams to life – your possibilities are endless.
Selecting the perfect stone is central to creating a piece of jewellery you love.       There are a wide range of stones, we show you the options and make selecting the one for you an enchanting process.
Quality materials are important for the longevity and beauty of your jewellery. Guthries recommend 18 carat yellow gold and 0.950 grade platinum for superior beauty and strength.
In a world of mass produced items, hand made jewellery is significantly superior. Guthries' craftsmen create pieces of fine jewellery that last many lifetimes and ensure that each piece is simply perfect.

The Guthries Diamond
Because Guthries create jewellery to your requirements, a Guthries Diamond allows you a higher quality diamond than the same budget would afford with pre-made jewellery.
The clarity of a Guthries Diamond is between Internally Flawless (IF) to Slightly Included One (SI-1), colour between D and G and cut either Excellent or Very Good.

Contact Details                                                                                            Central Business District
Phone +64 9 309 8491
Fax +64 9 309 6049
Email helen@guthries.co.nz                                                                             Website www.guthries.co.nz
Address 3rd Floor, Dingwall Building
87 Queen Street, Auckland CBD